Ayurveda Treatment

Does your dog suffer from: 

🌱 Oily skin

🌱 Dry skin 

🌱 Excessive shedding

🌱 Being smelly 

🌱 Or do you struggle to maintain your dogs coat at home?

If you answered YES to any of the above then you and your dog could really benefit from this Spa Treatment. 

100% pure, natural, organic herbs

Our fine herb powder removes greasy dirt such as sebum and old keratin that cannot be removed with regular shampoo.

The natural herb ingredients formula helps clean skin and reduce the growth of bacteria that can cause unpleasant odours and annoying stickiness. 

It helps clean, repair and nourish skin, reducing unpleasant odours and stickiness, creating conditions that are less prone to skin problems. 

Our herb pack system protects and coats each strand of hair. The results are supple, voluminous and detangled hair that prolongs your pet’s beauty well after a salon visit.