Terms and Conditions

By making a booking with House of Dapper Dogs, you agree to our standard Terms & Conditions as set out below:


 1. Bookings

You may amend your original booking once only (up to 3 days before the original booked date) to a different date (aligned to availability).

If House of Dapper Dogs accepts a request to change the services booked, the original price and completion times in the booking will be adjusted by us, and the changes notified to the customer. We may decline to carry out any requested changes due to time availability or other reasons that prohibit the smooth running of House of Dapper Dogs business.

* No fee is applied for rescheduled appointments respecting the condition stated above.



2. Cancellations

We require 72 hours notice to cancel your original booking. Less than this your payment is non refundable.



3. Payments

Full payment is required one week in advance to secure your appointment. If payment is not made in advance we reserve the right to offer the appointment to another client.

There may be occasions where additional grooming is required beyond what was initially quoted and couldn’t reasonably be identified or foreseen at the time of booking. We will endeavour to contact you immediately when we are made aware of this, but any additional costs shall be your responsibility, and House of Dapper Dogs shall not be liable for these.

Please pay the balance due by cash, credit/debit card or by BACS transfer. Payment must be made when collecting your dog from the salon (card or cash).

All payments for extra grooming services must be paid before leaving the salon. If under extreme circumstances payment is not made on collection, there will be a late payment fee added to the final amount. This must be paid by the agreed date with owner and groomer in writing.

 If for any reason you do not turn up to your appointment without making payment in advance. You will be required to make full payment before being accepted for a future appointment.



4. Time Keeping

We work by appointment only. If you are late by more than 15 minutes your appointment may be rescheduled and your payment is non refundable. If you think you will be late, please call House of Dapper Dogs in advance to advise.

Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment. We do not have facilities to separate more than 1 dog being treated per groomer. WE CAN NOT accept the next dog until the previous dog has left the salon.

A late collection fee will be charged for dogs not collected on time.



5. Groom Duration

Times for commencement and completion of any grooming service given by House of Dapper Dogs are given in good faith, however, unless specifically guaranteed, House of Dapper Dogs will not be liable for any delay in commencement or completion of a grooming service.

 Where appropriate, House of Dapper Dogs will notify the customer of any delays at the earliest opportunity.



6. Your Pet’s Health & Welfare

By attending the appointment, you confirm that your dog is fit and healthy.

 Grooming of sick and/or elderly dogs is entirely at owner’s risk. We do not take responsibility if your dog develops an allergic reaction to any grooming products. Please let us know of anything in advance, if known, or please notify us of ANY irritations caused afterwards.

 Grooming may expose underlying skin or health conditions that we cannot be held liable for.



7. Groomer Safety

We reserve the right to refuse a dog that presents a risk of injury to itself or staff.



8. Vet Care

We endeavour to provide the best service possible, however in the rare case of an accident, the pet owner agrees for House of Dapper Dogs to transport their dog to the nearest vet for treatment if required. The pet owner agrees to pay any and all fees. 

Accidents can occur, this comes with working with tools that are very sharp on a moving object such as a dog. Every precaution will be taken to prevent injury from occurring, however, if this does happen and your dog needs to be taken to a vet, we are not liable for costs incurred.



 9. Ear Plucking & Ear Cleaning

House of Dapper Dogs do not perform ear plucking or ear cleaning. Please seek treatment from your vet for this.



10. Fleas & Ticks

House of Dapper Dogs reserves the right to decline to groom dogs with fleas. If fleas have been found on your dog and we have not been informed of the possibility of your dog having fleas, an additional cost of £20 (on top of the groom price) will be incurred to pay for the products required to treat the salon and prevent cross contamination to other dogs. We will take extra care in the bathing process to maximise the chance of washing them all off the dog’s coat during the bath. This cannot be guaranteed.



11. Anal Glands

House of Dapper Dogs does not preform anal gland expression. Please seek treatment from your vet for this.



12. Guarantee

Due to the nature of our work, we do not offer or imply any sort of guarantee or warranty. We are happy to offer advice on how to care for your dog following a groom, but House of Dapper Dogs cannot be held responsible for your actions, or any subsequent issues caused directly or indirectly by yourself.



13. Groom Feedback

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your dog’s groom, please let us know ASAP. We welcome feedback, and this can be reported to us directly.



14. Photos and Videos

If you are not happy with us using photos or videos of your dog/s on social media or our website please confirm this via email.



15. Routine appointments

Routine appointments are important. Any dogs who are booked in over the recommended time scale will incur an extra charge due to the extra hair growth and extra time needed. Most dogs, dependant on breed need regular grooming every 4-8 weeks. This is the time scale you should consider. If you are unsure, please speak to your groomer.



16. Slander

Under the malicious communications act 1998 section 1, House of Dapper Dogs will not accept or tolerate any slander, malicious falsehood or defamation via social media outlets relating to a groom due to coats that have not been maintained at home (matted coat), or miscommunication. If you are unhappy, please contact us immediately and we will try our best to resolve the issue.



Matting Policy 

We will always ensure your dog is comfortable and will not cause discomfort by de-matting. We reserve the right to remove the dogs coat with clippers if we feel that de-matting will cause stress.

Shaving of dogs will change their appearance and the hair will be very short and close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin conditions which we are not held liable for.

We are not held liable for any conditions arising following the clipping of a dog. Examples are, but not limited to, redness, irritation, nicks from the blade from clipping so close to the skin from the neglect of the dogs coat not being maintained at home.

A warning that severely matted dogs can suffer many conditions from the neglect of not being brushed or groomed regularly which we are not held liable for.

Extra charges will apply if there is substantial matting. This covers the extra time it takes, the use of specialist tools and wear on the equipment used.

House of Dapper Dogs accepts no responsibility for any vet fees if health issues are exposed when clipping off a matted coat.

By booking and attending an appointment with House of Dapper Dogs we have permission to shave your dog/s off if required.


Teeth Cleaning Terms and Conditions 


A Trial and Consultation is booked before any Teeth cleaning can commence.

This method of dental cleaning is highly effective in removing mild tartar, improving gums, breath odour and overall oral health, House of Dapper Dogs cannot guarantee the results, effectiveness or suitability for individual pets due to varying external factors.

If dogs become distressed or we discover anything likely to cause discomfort to your pet, we will discontinue immediately and inform you. The best approach to solve this will then be discussed with you.

Each pet will have its own tooth brush head that will not be used on another dog. This is purchased at the initial treatment and will be replaced after 25 treatments or sooner if required. Some pets may chew the brush head, if this is excessive it may need replacing sooner to maintain effectiveness. Brush heads will require replacing after 1 year regardless of number of times they have been used.

If we feel any teeth are loose or at risk of becoming loose when the tartar comes off we may request you get your pets’ teeth checked at your veterinarian before treatment. It is possible that the tartar build up will be too great and then a veterinary dental may be necessary initially and then follow up ultrasonic maintenance visits with us.

House of Dapper Dogs cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition before, during or after any ultrasonic treatments.

House of Dapper Dogs ultrasonic treatment is not a veterinary procedure and House of Dapper Dogs cannot diagnose any problems with your dogs mouth. Please have any advisories checked by your veterinarian.
I, the undersigned, understand that the effectiveness of the ultrasound teeth cleaning is based on frequency and that optimum oral health might only be achieved by keeping to the frequency recommended by House of Dapper Dogs.
By attending an appointment, I acknowledge reading the Terms and Conditioms and understand them and I agree to them for any and all.