Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Services
Teeth Brushing (Orozyme Gel applied with a finger brush to each tooth to slow down the build up of plaque and tartar)
Teeth Cleaning (Mild plaque/Tartar Removal with the ultrasonic Cleany Teeth Toothbrush)
Maintenance Teeth Clean (Available after a deep Teeth Clean to help maintain a healthy mouth, remove bacteria and impurities from the dogs mouth)
Cleany Teeth Trial (A trial and consultation must be booked prior to any Teeth Cleaning to allow us to asses your dogs teeth and to ensure your dog is happy for us to use the toothbrush effectively)

Please note that the Cleany Teeth toothbrush does not replace veterinary dental treatments and is a preventative and progressive teeth cleaning system which will maintain your pets overall dental health. If you have any health concerns about your dogs teeth and gums seeking veterinary advice is always recommended. 

85% of pets have some form of dental health issues by the age of 3, preventative dental care has never been more important.

The Cleany Teeth works differently to an ordinary pet toothbrush as the ultrasonic waves penetrate 12mm beneath the gumline and uses microscopic nano bubbles to remove bacteria and impurities from the pets mouth.

Here are some of the benefits:

🪥Improved breath

🦷Improved gum health

🪥Reduction of plaque

🦷Reduction of tartar

🪥Prevention of dental and gum disease

🦷Prevention of dental and gum deterioration

🪥Healthier Happier pet

🦷Reduces the likelihood veterinary dental ops