Paws Pedicure

A luxury pedicure for your dog because your dog doesn’t have to have the full whack.

Why is regular nail trimming so important?

  • Dogs have an amazing 25 bones in each foot!
  • The nail bed is designed as a shock absorber 
  • Long nails reduce the shock absorbing effect of the nail bed 
  • The longer the nails the more impact on the bones in the foot 
  • This can lead to the onset of arthritis in the foot which, in turn, can lead to muscle wastage 
  • Keeping the nails trimmed regularly is a vital role in preventing arthritis 

Nail trimming is recommended every 3 weeks to keep a healthy foot structure. You can choose a treatment to best suit you and your dog.

Treatment one:

  • Nail Trim

Treatment two:

  • Nail Trim
  • Nail Filing

Nail Filing will stop those sharp scratches from your dog jumping up! It smooths round edges and allows us to trim closer to the quick. 

Nail Filing can also be included in your dogs pamper.

Please contact us for pricing, we don't offer a set price list as this varies between different breeds, size & the conidition of your pup.