Puppy University

A bespoke service for your cute pup from 12 weeks of age and to be completed within 8 weeks. The grooming process broken down into baby steps.

Pup Spa Day 1 (Introduction)

  • Full Body Brush and Comb
  • Nail Trim
  • Learn how to stand on the table
  • Socialise & Play time


Pup Spa Day 2 (Introduction)

  • (Repeat session 1)
  • Desensitisation to Scissors & Clippers
  • Introduction to the Bath and Dryer


Pup Spa Day 3 (Bath and Blow Dry)

  • (Repeat session 2)
  • A Bath in our Specialist Deep Cleansing Puppy Shampoo
  • Marshmallow Facial
  • Conditioning Treatment
  • Full Body Brush and Comb
  • Hygiene Areas
  • Face, Feet and Nail Trim
  • Playtime to finish


Pup Spa Day 4

  • (Repeat session 3)
  • Full Styling Session (if we feel your pup is ready)
  • Graduation Photo

We can promise to you each step is taken slowly at your pups own pace. We also incorporate play time, positive rewards and treats between each stage of their puppy introductions! Our aim is to make the experience a calm but fun one for your puppy. 


If your puppy is unsure or not happy with a stage in their pamper then we always will talk to you about this. I like to call it 'homework' for you to work on at home. You need to get your puppy used to being handled all over, simple tasks such as;

  • Touching their paws
  • Washing their paws
  • Teaching them to sit & stay 
  • Enjoy being brushed, regular brushing & rewarding can help this 
  • Mouth, lifting up lips to expose to teeth 
We don’t want this to be complete alien to them when they visit us! But please don't worry if they aren't spot on with any of this to begin with, we are prepared for wriggly bottoms! Grooming is essential for most dogs during their whole life time. Grooming should become a routine for them. This gives your dog and me an opportunity to grow a bond and a trust together. 
Please contact us for pricing, we don't offer a set price list as this varies between different breeds, size & the conidition of your pup.